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Myrtle Beach Area Weather

Myrtle Beach offers a warm, temperate environment that’s perfect for enjoying the beach. May through August are the most popular travel dates with hot, sunny weather. The humidity picks up a bit in July and August, with a little more rainfall to keep everything green. Winters at Myrtle Beach are mild, with weather that is still warm enough to enjoy strolls on the beach, golfing and much more.  

Myrtle Beach's 10 Day Weather Forecast

Month Average High Average Low
January 56° 40°
February 59° 42°
March 67° 48°
April 75° 55°
May 82° 63°
June 87° 70°
July 90° 74°
August 88° 73°
September 83° 68°
October 75° 61°
November 67° 48°
December 60° 46°


Myrtle Beach Area Tide Charts

These tide charts are taken from Garden City.