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We've got all the details on the *BEST* of the Myrtle Beach area, including Garden City Beach, Surfside Beach and Litchfield Beach. Learn about the top places to get seafood, where to brunch, can't miss upcoming events and more. Ready to start planning your getaway? Browse over 90 vacation rental homes with Sea Star Realty!

Dune grasses on a Carolina shore

When you’re planning your Grand Strand vacation, it can be hard to choose the right spot for your home base. To help you streamline your choices, we’re covering four of our favorite areas in this guide to the communities of the Grand Strand.

As you dream of your Myrtle Beach area vacation, it's doubtful that rain is in your forecast but sometimes, it happens! If the skies open up, there are still so many amazing things to do and adventures to be had throughout the Grand Strand. 

As summer's warmth gives way to the calm days of autumn, the Grand Strand transforms with fewer crowds, vibrant sunsets, and so many wonderful things to do. The fall season is an enchanting time to explore this coastal paradise, where the buzz of tourists begins...