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21 Mar 2023
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Best of Myrtle Beach

What do North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia all have in common? They Googled Myrtle Beach more than any other tourist destination. A new study by Family Destinations Guide compiled the most searched tourist destinations by state and Myrtle Beach came out as the top searched beach in the nation. 

With 2023 well underway and the summer season just around the corner, it's clear that Myrtle Beach is on a lot of people's minds. If you're starting to make summer plans, it would be a good idea to book your Myrtle Beach area vacation rental as soon as possible!

Top Searched Tourist Destinations by State:

As you can see below, the Family Destinations Guide study found that nature and amusement parks were among the most popular searches but no beach was searched near as much as Myrtle Beach. Claiming the top search in 4 states, the Myrtle Beach area was nearly as popular as the likes of Niagra Falls and the Las Vegas Strip. Here is the complete list by state:

State The American tourist attraction residents are searching to visit the most:
Alabama (AL) Georgia Aquarium
Alaska (AK) Denali National Park
Arizona (AZ) Grand Canyon
Arkansas (AR) Graceland
California (CA) Disneyland in Anaheim
Colorado (CO) Garden of the Gods
Connecticut (CT) Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA)
Delaware (DE) Rehoboth Beach
Florida (FL) Universal Orlando Studios
Georgia (GA) Georgia Aquarium
Hawaii (HI) Hanauma Bay
Idaho (ID) Glacier National Park
Illinois (IL) Las Vegas Strip
Indiana (IN) Las Vegas Strip
Iowa (IA) Glacier National Park
Kansas (KS) Sedgwick County Zoo
Kentucky (KY) Cumberland Falls
Louisiana (LA) Universal Orlando Studios
Maine (ME) Acadia National Park
Maryland (MD) Rehoboth Beach
Massachusetts (MA) Universal Orlando Studios
Michigan (MI) Henry Ford Museum
Minnesota (MN) Glacier National Park
Mississippi (MS) Graceland
Missouri (MO) Silver Dollar City
Montana (MT) Glacier National Park
Nebraska (NE) Henry Doorly Zoo
Nevada (NV) Hoover Dam
New Hampshire (NH) Mount Washington
New Jersey (NJ) Atlantic City
New Mexico (NM) White Sands National Park
New York (NY) Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA)
North Carolina (NC) Myrtle Beach
North Dakota (ND) Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Ohio (OH) Niagara Falls
Oklahoma (OK) Grand Canyon
Oregon (OR) Multnomah Falls
Pennsylvania (PA) Niagara Falls
Rhode Island (RI) Las Vegas Strip
South Carolina (SC) Myrtle Beach
South Dakota (SD) Mount Rushmore
Tennessee (TN) Graceland
Texas (TX) Universal Orlando Studios
Utah (UT) Zion National Park
Vermont (VT) Niagara Falls
Virginia (VA) Myrtle Beach
Washington (WA) Space Needle
West Virginia (WV) Myrtle Beach
Wisconsin (WI) Niagara Falls
Wyoming (WY) Grand Teton National Park

Why is Myrtle Beach So Popular Among Tourists?

With a rich history of tourism and family-friendly adventure, it's really not too surprising that Myrtle Beach finds itself more highly searched than most beaches in the nation. Americans love destinations that can provide great entertainment for the family and lets them get close to nature and the Grand Strand area gives the best of both worlds. With miles and miles of wide, sandy beaches, state parks, and waterways, you can still find plenty of nature to get lost in while also having attractions at the ready. From waterparks and helicopter rides to shopping and fine dining, you can do it all in the Myrtle Beach area.

Families have been coming back year after year for generations and Myrtle Beach continues to stay on top. If you've never been or you've been coming religiously for years, the Grand Strand is always happy to welcome you back!

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