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2 Aug 2018
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Best of Myrtle Beach

Looking for the best spots in Myrtle Beach to load up on oysters, mussels, and lobster? We've got the scoop on the best seafood restaurants in the Myrtle Beach area. Whether you're looking to order a family style meal to share or you're up for an all-you-can-eat buffet, Myrtle Beach's seafood scene will not disappoint. 

Admirals Flagship

The Southern end of Murrells Inlet is home to Admirals Flagship Seafood Buffet. As one of the first all-you-can-eat seafood buffetts in the area, Admiral's definately knows how to satisfy seafood-lovers. This nautical-themed restaurant is perfect for families and individuals of all ages. They offer a great selection of seafood and steaks, complimented by a raw bar, salad bar and dessert bar (if you can save room that is)!

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Captain Bennett's Calabash Seafood

As you journey through the Myrtle Beach area, you'll find tons of restaurants offering calabash-style food. Originating from a small fishing village, calabash-style cooking involves lightly battering seafood and then deep frying it. If you're looking for calabash in Myrtle Beach, you have to try Captain Bennett's Calabash Seafood. Their all-you-can-eat buffet has been in operation since 1985 and they have perfected calabash. 

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Captain George's Seafood Restaurant

Right across from Broadway at the Beach is a gem of a seafood restaurant - Captain George's Seafood Restaurant. They have a huge buffet selection in their all-you-can-eat buffet. You'll have a hard time deciding whether to dig into the Oysters Rockefeller, Fried Shrimp or Snow Crab Legs first. They also offer options for those who aren't too keen on seafood, like their BBQ Ribs and Roasted Chicken. 

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Captain Benjamin's Calabash Seafood

In the heart of the Grand Strand rests Captain Benjamin's Calabash Seafood. This is the pefect option for dinner after a day at the Family Kingdom Amusement Park due to its close proximity. With over 170 buffet items, there is sure to be something for every palate. We especially love their Stuffed Crab and Shrimp Scampi. 

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Giant Crab Seafood Restaurant

The Giant Crab Seafood Restaurant in Myrtle Beach is as fun as it is delicious. Kids will love walking under the giant crab above the doorway and into a nautical-themed restaurant where the buffet tables look like boats! They offer over 170 items at their all-you-can-eat buffet, with carving stations, a hibachi grill, an expansive seafood section and salad and dessert bars. They also have a special section just for kids, with favorites like chicken tenders, pizza, corn dogs, hamburgers and more.

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